Extreme Powders

Why did Hodgdon develop the Extreme powders and what are they? Hodgdon knows that long range varmint and big game hunters, along with long range match competitors, are the most demanding shooters. These discriminating shooters encounter instances where temperature conditions play a major role in accuracy. 

If a powder varies much in pressure and/or velocity, group size and point of impact can change critically. This is why the Extreme powders were developed. They are not affected by temperature. Whether you are shooting at sub-zero conditions or in the summer desert heat, the velocity of an Extreme powder load shows almost no change. Hodgdon Extreme Extruded propellants demonstrate so little variation in performance from one temperature to the next that the shooter can count on unmatched consistency in point of impact and group size.

Only Extreme powders give you the confidence that your ammunition and gun will shoot to your zero no matter what conditions you are in.