IMR 8208 XBR®
$38.99 - $255.99
IMR 8208 XBR®
IMR 8208 XBR®
IMR 8208 XBR®
IMR 8208 XBR®

IMR 8208 XBR is an accurate-metering, super short-grained extruded rifle powder was designed expressly for match, varmint, and AR sniper cartridges. As a medium burn speed propellant, XBR is ideally suited for cartridges like the 223 Remington/5.56mm, 308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO and the 6mm PPC.

Shooters will find IMR 8208 XBR yields max velocities and “tack driving” accuracy. Clearly, the competitor’s “choice” and the Varmint Hunter’s “dream powder.”

IMR recommends always consulting for the most accurate, up-to-date data.

Available in 1-LB and 8-LB containers.


Warnings for California Residents

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WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Reviews and Ratings


Real good accuracy out of this powder with 23.3 gr in .233 AR15. With 69 gr Sierras. Best load for my competition rifle.

Nelson Rikard

I have found this powder to be extremely accurate in my 35 Whelan with 200 grain Hornady and Nosler Accu bonds. Looking forward to using it for my new toy . An AR 10 in 338 Federal.

Lyle Birch
IMR 8208 XBR

I have been using this powder behind a 52 grain target bullet, in my 223 Remington with excellent results.

500 Meters with 62 grain

I have been using this 8208 XBR reloading 5.56 and. hitting clay pigeons at 500 meters.
Great powder, know where I can get some more?

Best Powder Yet

I normally use Varget, which is great, but 8208 is steller. I did a 15 step .3gr ladder test, and 10 of them were already MOA! Now I have to guess at where the nodes are, but that's an unbelievable problem to have; I've never seen anything like it.

Kevin Kieschnick
XBR 8208

Had excellent accuracy loading 55 and 65 gr BTSP’s for my AR 15. Got an AR 10 in 308 and had same pin point accuracy with it loading it using 150gr btsp’s Highly recommend it. Be sure to work up and find your sweet spot 1/2 gr can make a difference as with any powder. Definitely not a temp sensitive powder. Love it. Meters perfectly!

Versatile/Dead Nuts Accurate

I bought 8208 on a whim due to lack of available options when I first started reloading. Turned out to be a fantastic powder for my .223 Wylde, 6.5 Creed, and .308 Win. In the Creed I'm getting cloverleaf's at 100 yds, and 1-2 MOA groups @ 500 yds w/140gr BTHP. On the Chrono I get amazingly low SD's consistently. Found my new go to. But that 8 pounds is almost gone so now I have to TRY to get more or re-work all new loads. Let's hope Hodgdon is releasing more soon!